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Jeffree Star: Everything to know about the controversial YouTuber

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The lore of makeup mogul Jeffree Star is long, illustrious, and well, controversial! But if you’re reading this, you probably knew that already. Star is a YouTuber, makeup magnate, and former singer and songwriter who’s known for his androgyny, extravagant looks, and controversies. 

And while he is a polarizing figure, one thing everyone can agree on is that he is an exceptional businessman. In fact, with Star reportedly making $7.2 million per Jeffree Star Cosmetics product launch, Star is maybe one of the the only names in the makeup business that even comes close to Kylie Jenner

But who is Star underneath the makeup? (And no, you won’t find any nudes here, unless it’s one of Star’s nude palettes.) Read on for all you need to know about the controversial makeup tycoon and YouTube star. 

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star was born on November 15, 1985. So if you’re wondering how old he is, the answer is 38 as of January 2024. (But age is just a number, and makeup is good at fudging numbers.) 

Star’s fame began in the early 2000s on MySpace, which he used as a sort of blog to promote his music and fashion design career. 

Star’s first and only studio album, Beauty Killer, was released in 2009 and actually charted in the top ten on the US Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. Star was dubbed “the next Lady Gaga” by Akon, but he left the music industry in 2013. 

In 2014, Star launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his ecommerce makeup brand. Star used YouTube to promote his brand where he gained a massive following (15.8 million subscribers as of January 2024). Star’s first beauty collection included velour liquid lipsticks, highlighter palettes, eyeshadow palettes, lip scrubs, and more. In addition to makeup, Star now sells skincare, clothes, and accessories.

Between his makeup brand, YouTube, and various other deals, Jeffree Star’s reported net worth is around $200 million. 

Is Jeffree Star In the Illuminati?

In December of 2022, Star claimed to have “escaped the Illuminati.” After a very public falling out with YouTuber and makeup artist James Charles, among other controversies, Star up and moved to Wyoming for a dramatic lifestyle change. 

After his move, he took to social media to reflect on how the past year of his life had been, noting that he was set to “expose everything” about the Illuminati before escaping. “In a matter of days, the Hollywood elite tried to ruin my entire career, villainize me and flooded the news with lies to discredit me. If you guys only knew the truth about what they are doing to Britney and Kanye,” tweeted Star. 

Is Jeffree Star Related to Patrick Starrr?

It’s not uncommon to see Jeffree Star and Patrick Starrr’s names in the same sentence. But no, it’s not because Jeffree Star is related to Patrick Starrr. It’s simply because they are both beauty gurus. (For what it’s worth, Jeffree Star isn’t related to Patrick Star, either.)

Jeffree Star Dating History

In 2015, Star began dating Nathan Schwandt. The couple became facets on social media, with many fans believing they were end game. But in January 2020, Star released a long video detailing his and Schwandt’s split. 

Months later, in the summer of 2020, Star appeared to have moved on from Schwandt with 6-foot-7-inch-tall basketball player, Andre Marhold. Internet critics were skeptical, and some speculated that Star was even paying Marhold to date him. “I know it’s devastating news for some people, but I don’t give money to anyone I’m dating or anyone who is f–king me. Work on your own insecurities sis, I’m not the problem,” tweeted Star.

Star’s relationship with Marhold was short-lived, and then there were only rumors about the makeup guru’s love life. There was speculation that Star was dating Kanye West, and then some thought that he was dating Trisha Paytas’ ex, Sean van der Wilt. But it wasn’t until January 2023 that Star went semi-public with a new “beau.”

For weeks, Star teased online that he had been spending a lot of time with his “NFL boo” recently. He kept the identity of his “interest” hidden, but would give clues. For instance, in one post Star said that while his athlete “boo” wasn’t playing in the Super Bowl, he “plays perfect in the bedroom.”

Unfortunately, it was all a ruse. The “NFL boo” was football offensive tackler, Taylor Lewan. Star wasn’t in a relationship with Lewan, but instead had just been promoting a podcast (Bussin’ With the Boys) with him. In fact, Lewan is married (to a woman) and has two daughters. Womp womp!

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