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41 male celebs who have done full frontal

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In the world of performance art, whether it be movies, television, or stage plays, nudity can be an unsung hero. And male nudity can be the greatest hero of all. In this list of male actors who have bared it all for the craft, we’ll explore scene-stealing moments where the art of the nude scene left audiences with their jaws on the floor. Get ready for a tantalizing tour through full-frontal fantasies, where leading men embraced their birthday suits. From a naked Daniel Craig to a nude Jesse Williams, these stripped-down moments reveal not just skin, but also courage and vulnerability. So grab your popcorn, sit back, and relax, as we appreciate the male form in all its glory and celebrate these cinematic naked truths with 41 male celebrities who did full frontal scenes. 

Barry Keoghan – Saltburn

The psychosexual thriller saw actor Barry Keoghan bare it all in the film’s big climax. Without giving too much away, we’ll just say that both Keoghan and his member give stellar performances. 

Charles Melton – May December 

Charles Melton blew audiences away as Joe in Todd Haynes’ May December. The film follows Elizabeth, an actress who is studying a real woman she’s set to play in a movie, Gracie, who married her teenage colleague after they developed an inappropriate relationship while working at a pet shop. Melton bared his body and soul for the role. He also discussed the scene and the prosthetic he had to wear.

Chris Pine – The Outlaw King

A medieval movie where Chris Pine plays a Scottish king who bathes in a pond and shows his naked self? Yes, please!

Mark Ruffalo – In The Cut

People often forget, but Mark Ruffalo showed his penis and butt in In The Cut. Ruffalo plays a police detective…with a mustache (which is the third reason to watch this film). 

Bradley Cooper – Nightmare Alley

Bradley Cooper took it all off for Nightmare Alley in which he plays a mentalist. Though Cooper stated that the experience was “pretty heavy,” he also said that the nudity was necessary for the film, so he never pushed back on it. 

Jude Law – The Talented Mr. Ripley

Jude Law’s talented Mr. Ripley was on full display in this film in a scene that fans won’t soon forget. 

Harvey Keitel – Bad Lieutenant

Harvey Keitel’s nude scene in this early nineties film was so iconic that they made it the promo poster. That’ll get people to the theater!

James McAvoy – The Last King of Scotland

In one scene-stealing moment in this film, McAvoy rolls out of bed and into the fantasies of viewers when he is briefly seen showing full-frontal nudity. 

Mark Wahlberg – Boogie Nights

Maybe one of the most famous prosthetic full frontal scenes, Mark Wahlberg bares all as Dirk Diggler, a porn star in the seventies. 

Kevin Bacon – Wild Things 

In this unforgettable full frontal moment, Kevin Bacon is seen doing one of the sexiest things a man can do: step out of the shower and wrap a towel around his waist. 

Colin Farrell – A Home at the End of the World

Albeit short, this nude scene of Colin Farrell is worth every second, and inch.

Bruce Willis – Color of Night

Who doesn’t love a little underwater sex scene? In Color of Night, viewers get just the tip of Willis’ willy. 

Ken Jeong – The Hangover

Ken Jeong leapt from the boot of a car to Bradley Cooper’s face fully naked, and we thank him for his service. 

Tom Cruise – All the Right Moves

Blink and you’ll miss it, but if you pause at just the right time, you’ll catch a glimpse of Cruise’s…you know what. 

Martiño Rivas – Nacho

In Nacho, Martiño Rivas plays adult film star Nacho Vidal. Unsurprisingly (and we’ve already talked about Boogie Nights), we see a lot of Rivas in a full frontal scene. 

Heath Ledger – Brokeback Mountain

While edited out of the U.S. version of the film, Heath Ledger actually has a full-frontal moment in this tender love story. 

Eric Dane – Euphoria

In the boundary pushing HBO show, Eric Dane plays Cal Jacobs, a married man (and Jacob Elordi’s character’s father) with a secret. Between sex scenes and peeing in his living room, Dane had no problem stripping down for the camera. 

Theo James – The White Lotus 

Theo James went full frontal and full rear in The White Lotus’ second season. While his character was toxic and obnoxious, it’s hard to deny that James made great screen candy. 

Daniel Craig – Love is the Devil

If you want the image of Daniel Craig naked to live rent-free in your head, look no further than the movie, Love is the Devil. Craig goes full frontal in an aerial bath scene. 

Rory Culkin – Swarm 

Rory Culkin went all out in the pilot episode of the psychological thriller series. Viewers likened the moment to a jumpscare, with several people taking to social media to express their feelings about the unexpected moment. 

Oscar Isaac – Scenes From A Marriage

In HBO’s Scenes From A Marriage, Oscar Isaac tastefully shows his butt and dong. No complaints! 

Adam Demos – Sex/Life

Given this Netflix show’s title, it comes as no surprise there’s a bunch of nudity in it. But one of the most unforgettable scenes is when Demos’ character goes full frontal in a gym shower. 

Steve Zahn – The White Lotus

Viewers’ first introduction to Steve Zahn’s character is via his balls. But hey, it’s important to take a close look from time to time…for health purposes. 

Paul Mescal – Normal People

Everyone knows that Normal People was a hot show, and Paul Mescal’s nude scenes played a big part in that. 

Michael Fassbender – Shame

If you got it, flaunt it. That’s what Michael Fassbender did when he stunned audiences with his full frontal nude scene in Steve McQueen’s Shame, where he played a man struggling with sex addiction. 

Siddharta Rajan – Easy

In a show that explores the role of sex in our lives, it’s no surprise that actor Siddharta Rajan rocked out in his birthday suit. 

Peter Sarsgaard – Kinsey

Peter Sarsgaard struts around in the nude trying to seduce his employer, the sexologist Alfred Charles Kinsey, in this sexy biopic. 

Ralph Fiennes – A Bigger Splash

Ralph Fiennes let it all hang out (by a pool, no less) in this film where Dakota Johnson plays the actor’s daughter. 

Cillian Murphy – 28 Days Later

The Oppenheimer star bared all in the very first scene of this classic neo-zombie thriller. 

Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna – Y Tu Mama Tambien

This scandalous coming-of-age tale has Bernal and Luna going on a road trip with an older woman and being naked…a lot!

Jason Segel – Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Sure, nude scenes evoke vulnerability, but what’s more vulnerable than Jason Segel getting dumped while fully naked?

Ewan McGregor – Velvet Goldmine

This isn’t Ewan McGregor’s first rodeo with nude scenes, but this glam rock-inspired film is certainly one of his most memorable naked moments.

Richard Gere – American Gigolo

In Richard Gere’s breakout leading role, he played an LA escort who falls for a client. Given the plot, viewers should prepare to see Gere at his sexiest. 

Jesse Williams – Take Me Out

Best known for his work on Grey’s Anatomy, Jesse Williams played the lead in the Broadway play, Take Me Out, which follows Darren (Williams), a biracial baseball player who comes out as gay. The play saw Williams go completely nude in a scene where he was roughhousing in a locker room with a teammate. 

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II – Watchmen

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II went nude for the HBO series, Watchmen. Of filming naked, Abdul-Mateen said, “Acting without clothes is a little like acting when you’re exhausted. When I’m tired, I do my best work.” Can’t argue with that!

Daniel Radcliffe – Equus 

Daniel Radcliffe starred in the Broadway revival of Equus, which required him to be totally nude for a prolonged scene, which allowed audiences to get a peek of Harry Potter’s other wand, if you know what we mean. 

Ben Affleck – Gone Girl

Ben Affleck’s penis hit the big screen in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. Affleck filmed a nude shower scene in which his manhood was on full display, and it unsurprisingly stole the show. 

Taylor Zahkar Perez – Minx

In HBO’s Minx, Taylor Zahkar Perez plays a firefighter who poses for the inaugural cover of a Playgirl-style magazine, which is called Minx. Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of male nudity in this show. 

Tom Hardy – Bronson

Hunk Tom Hardy went nude for Bronson, in which he stripped down totally naked and slathered himself in butter. Just watch it for context. You’re welcome!

Viggo Mortensen – Eastern Promises

Viggo Mortensen went balls to the wall in David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises. Mortensen was fully nude in a naked knife fight scene that takes place in a bathhouse. 

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