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35 dating and hookup app abbreviations you need to know: From BB to UC

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In the ever-evolving landscape of modern romance, the digital realm has become a widely accepted arena for meeting potential partners. One need look no further than the myriad dating apps available for use: Grindr, Tinder, Feeld, Hinge, Scruff, Growlr, Her, Sniffies, the list goes on. However, as anyone searching for love online knows, the journey through digital dating is not without its challenges. Beyond catfishing and ghosting, one notable obstacle lies in the confusing language of abbreviations that fills the realm of text communication. From acronyms and shorthand to emojis and memes, the unique lingo of online dating can leave even the most tech-savvy individuals scratching their heads. 

In this article, we delve into the labyrinth of linguistic shortcuts that populate dating platforms, and provide a glossary of hookup and dating app abbreviations you should know on your quest for connection in the digital age. 

  1. A3

A3 stands for “anytime, anyplace, anywhere.” It conveys a wide-open availability.

  1. AMF

AMF means “Adios, motherf***er!” This phrase means goodbye, sayonara, see you never.

  1. ANON

ANON is short for “anonymous” which means that this person would like to keep it on the “DL” or down-low. They probably won’t be giving you any personal information.

  1. ASLP

ASLP is an abbreviation for “age, sex, location, picture.” This is a quick way to cut to the chase and find out what you’re working with. 

  1. BB

BB is shorthand for “bareback” which means sex without a condom. The term comes from the act of riding a horse without a saddle. In the case of bareback sex, it’s important to communicate openly with your partner about your sexual and medical histories before engaging in the act. It may not be the sexiest conversation you’ve ever had, but it beats getting an STI. 

  1. B/D

This abbreviation typically refers to “bondage and/or domination.” Bondage can mean limiting someone’s freedom of movement with ropes or handcuffs. Domination can mean showing dominance or authority over a partner (in or out of the bedroom). 

  1. BF!

BF! stands for “Bye, Felicia!” which is a way of dismissing someone. Note: this abbreviation should not be confused with BF (boyfriend). 

  1. Bttm

Bttm is shorthand for “bottom” which refers to the person that is penetrated during sex. Meanwhile, the person penetrating is the “top.”

  1. DDF

DDF stands for “drug and disease free.” People using this acronym will either share that they are DDF themselves and/or are looking for someone who is DDF. 

  1. DL

DL means “down low,” which typically refers to wanting to keep things discreet. This is usually because the individual may be publicly straight, but secretly gay (aka, “closeted”). 

  1. DTF

A classic, DTF stands for “down to f***.” Enough said!

  1. FWB

FWB means “friends with benefits.” And in case you were wondering, the “benefit” of this friendship is most likely sex

  1. Gen

Gen is shorthand for “generous.” In the context of a dating or hookup app, “gen” typically refers to someone who wants or is offering money in exchange for an encounter or relationship. Some might just write “gen” while others may use “gen only,” “generous,” or “generou$” to be explicit. 

  1. GH

GH stands for “glory hole” which is a hand-sized hole used for anonymous sexual acts like handjobs, oral, and even penetrative sex. Glory holes are typically found in places like public restrooms, bathhouses, and adult theaters.

  1. HU

HU is shorthand for “hurry up.” Someone who uses this is ready to go!

  1. Hung? HH?

This query is used to ask individuals about the size of their penis. HH? means “how hung?” Whether you answer truthfully or use it as an opportunity to embellish is your choice. 

  1. HWP

HWP is an abbreviation for “height weight proportionate.” This could either be used to describe the person themselves, or what they’re looking for. As you may have guessed, this person is probably picky. 

  1. ISO

ISO is an abbreviation for “in search of” and it’s used to communicate what or who you’re looking for.

  1. ITAI

ITAI means “I’ll think about it,” which either means exactly what it says, or the exact opposite. 

  1. J4T

J4T means “just for today.” In other words, this is a one-time thing, so don’t get attached. 

  1. LMK

LMK means “let me know.” Someone using this abbreviation is asking for your input or to get back to them with an answer. 

  1. LTR

LTR is an abbreviation for “long-term relationship.” You might not see this on hookup apps, but on a more serious dating app this means that someone is looking for more than a one-time or even two-time thing. 

  1. MYOB 

MYOB stands for “mind your own business.” In other words, stop being so nosy!

  1. NBD

NBD stands for “no big deal” which, again, could mean what it says, or mean “No, it’s a very big deal.”

  1. NPNC

NPNC is an abbreviation for “no pic, no chat.” The person who uses this means that they won’t engage with anyone on an app who doesn’t have any pictures. Fair enough!

  1. NS

NS means “no smoking.” Someone who uses this is either themselves a non-smoker and/or prefers someone who doesn’t smoke. 

  1. NSA

NSA stands for “no strings attached,” which means that this relationship will most likely start and stop at a sexual encounter—nothing more. So don’t get too comfortable. 

  1. PNP (or, PnP)

PNP stands for “party and play,” which is used to describe a sexual encounter that occurs under the influence of drugs. This is often used by people who take drugs to enhance sexual activity. It’s important to note that drugs can alter one’s judgment, so “PNP” activities may include high-risk sex like unprotected sex or sex with multiple partners. Be safe!

  1. RN

RN stands for “right now,” as in ASAP. For example, if you ask someone when they want to get together and they say “RN” then you better get a move on!

  1. UC

UC means “uncut” or “uncircumcised” and refers to a penis that still has foreskin. 

  1. WE 

WE means “well-endowed,” which refers to, well, you can probably guess. 

  1. WLTM

WLTM stands for “would like to meet.” If someone says this to you, congratulations! You’ve made it to the next round. 

  1. WS

WS refers to “water sports” and that doesn’t mean a Slip ‘N Slide. In the world of dating apps, water sports refers to erotic urination. 

  1. YOYO

YOYO stands for “you’re on your own.” This can be clearly interpreted as a rejection. Someone using this abbreviation isn’t interested, so it’s best to move on to greener pastures. 

  1. ZZZ

ZZZ means what you probably think it does: bored, sleeping, tired. Someone who uses this acronym is saying that they’re not excited by what they’re hearing or seeing.

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