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Trans rights face setback as South Carolina passes ban on gender-affirming care for minors

The South Carolina House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors on Wednesday. The proposed H.4624 bill defines critical terms...

Florida’s proposed bill gives $35K penalty for speaking against transphobia

A Florida bill introduced by Florida Senator Jason Brodeur last week proposes a hefty penalty of $35,000 for accusing someone of transphobia. Senate Bill 1780,...

Who is Dylan Mulvaney? Everything to know about the TikTok star

If you’re on TikTok, you probably know who Dylan Mulvaney is. And if you’re not on TikTok, you probably know who Dylan Mulvaney is....

What does LGBTQIA+ mean?

The acronym LGBTQIA+ is widely used to represent a diverse community of individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, or asexual, with the "+" symbolizing the inclusion of other sexual orientations and gender identities.